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Keep Your Dog Cool! Summer Is Coming.

Hyperthermia (Hyperthermia (Heat Stroke / Sun Stroke) in dogs can be a serious concern during the hot summer months. It is an extreme elevation in your pet’s body temperature due to its inability to cool itself. Dogs that can’t pant effectively, specifically those with short snouts like bulldogs or pugs are particularly vulnerable. Cats can also suffer hyperthermia, and the symptoms and remedies are the same, but they are less likely to be affected.

Signs of heatstroke include weakness, lethargy, persistent panting, and body temperature over 105F. If you notice these symptoms, take immediate action to cool your pet and transport them to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Douse them with water and wrap them in wet towels on their way to the vet Avoid splashing them with ice-cold water, as drastic temperature changes can worsen the situation

Here are some tips to help prevent your furry friend from overheating:

1.     Never, ever leave a pet in a car: Even on a day with temps around 70F, a car’s interior will easily reach 120F and above. A cracked window is not sufficient cooling.

2.     Provide Ample Water: Always ensure your dog has access to cool, fresh drinking water. Hydration is crucial to regulate body temperature.

3.     Time Outdoor Activities: Limit outdoor physical activities to early morning and evening hours when it’s cooler. Avoid strenuous exercise during the peak heat of the day.

4.     Create Shade: When your dog is outdoors, provide a shaded area where it can rest and cool down. Shade helps protect them from direct sunlight.

5.     Indoor Comfort: During the warmest part of the day, keep your pet indoors with the air conditioning or fans on. Good air circulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature.

Click on the picture below to view a helpful ProPetHero video, a ProTrainings course.

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