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Dear Neighbor, 

As owner of Anchors Away Home & Pet Care, I am committed to our core values to provide partnership, professionalism, service, and trust. These core values rest on the shoulders of purpose.

Originally from Louisville KY, I moved to Anchorage in 2007 when my oldest son started Kindergarten at Anchorage School. That same son was diagnosed with Leukemia in high school. His journey has left a lifelong impression on me.

My purpose for forming Anchors Away is to serve communities through home and pet care services. I also strive to help support local families as they manage the struggles of childhood cancer. Therefore, each September, our Go Gold campaign will donate a portion of proceeds to local children cancer centers.


I am an experienced caregiver, customer focused, and excited to help make your life easier. Through our trusted partnership, our Anchors Away team will respect and never compromise your privacy. We are dependable, honest, and loving, with flexibility to offer care for your home, your pets, or both.


From the high energy puppy, to the senior pet requiring extra assistance or medicine, to caring for your home while away, we'll work with you to personalize services to meet your needs.


Thank you for putting your trust in Anchors Away, we truly value you.

Anchors Away!

Shay Dixon


Anchored In ...

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